Spring Fever Bike Rally

Downtown Sulphur Springs, Texas, March 14th, 2015


If you’re looking for a challenging ride with plenty of scenery and good old-fashioned Texas hospitality, then the Spring Fever Rally is the one for you. With a choice in distances, this one is perfect for beginners and marathoners. Kicking off in pretty downtown Sulphur Springs before winding along country roads in hill country, the ride weaves through some of the best scenery that East Texas has to offer.

This is an event with lots of enthusiasm behind it, as it is new and old at the same time. Years ago, the Spring Fever Bike Rally was hosted each year by the Pilot Club, and run by a group of women who nurtured it into a much-loved event that drew 500-600 riders at a time. After many years of outstanding success, the ladies retired and the Rally was placed on a shelf.

Last year, after plenty of requests to revive the event, the Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce sat down with the former hostesses from the Pilot Club to learn the secrets to their amazing success for so many years, and the Spring Fever Bike Rally was born again!

Spring Fever 2014 drew just over a hundred riders, and was beautifully handled by more than a hundred volunteers, making the come-back tour a success. This year, hosts expect a least 200 riders, and plan to have a t-shirt for the first 200 riders to register, in addition to the usual amenities…SAG Wagons, several rest stops, breakfast and lunch on the Square (riders’ lunch and dessert are complimentary), Sheriff’s deputies to lead and follow each individual ride, and plenty more!

The budget for the event is projected to be between $5,000 and $7,000. Proceeds from Spring Fever 2015 will go into a scholarship fund, to be presented to a deserving senior in the High School Leadership Class.

Each rider will wear a colored bracelet, and lots of color-coded signs will lead them right to the finish line…plenty of other signs with words of encouragement will punctuate the route, as well. Add an officer tailing each ride, and you just can’t get lost! The bracelets will also be printed with a direct phone number to the SAG wagons, so help is just a quick call away. Rest stops are provided every 8-10 miles, with water, juice, snacks, and fresh fruit!

Hurry and get your name in before March 6th for a discounted entry fee, and to get yourself a Spring Fever 2015 t-shirt! Kick off the season with a beautiful and fun ride that’s unlike any other!


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5 Ways to Maintain Healthy Joints for Bicyclists

Cycling professional race

It’s no surprise to most bicyclists that the health of their joints, especially the knees and ankles, is vital to their sport. Too often, cyclists wait until something is hurt before they take action to care for them. As an old Dutch proverb states: “Prevention is better than cure.” Below are five ways to upkeep your joints in an effort to avert injury and increase endurance.

1.     Don’t StretchFirst

Most experts claim it’s important to stretch before doing any kind of physical activity. However, the tendons, ligaments, muscles surrounding joints need to have a mild warm up before stretching them. Stretching cold muscles can tear or sprain them. Jogging in place, medium speed jump roping, or other aerobic exercises that you can gradually increase over a 15 minute period is ideal. You don’t need to work up a sweat, just loosen up your joints in preparation of stretching and eventually, your ride. A hot shower can also loosen up joints prior to stretching.

2.     Know Your Limits

Cycling offers the participant challenge and competition, either in race capacity or self-motivated mileage goals. Due to this push, it’s really important to listen to your body. You’re joints are no exception. Of course, after an especially strenuous ride can make muscles ache, but if pain lasts longer than a few days, it’s letting you know that you pushed too hard and to take it easier next time.Knowing what your joints can and can’t handle is vital to keep them in top shape and avoid long term damage.

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3.     Use Essential Oils

The high concentrations of particular essential oils offer several advantages for your joints. To better absorb water and keep the padding between bones spry, add a couple drops of lemon or other citrus oils to a glass of water a couple times a day. (Lemon juice also works here, but you will need more of it daily to get the same effects of the oils.)  The ligaments and tendons also require vitamin C to stay elastic and prevent injury. Rubbing citrus, evergreen, or rosemary oil over joints before physical activity can help with this. Lastly, you can ingest or rub chamomile, rosemary, ginger, or tea tree oil on your joints to keep inflammation to a minimum. By doing this, you release any stiffness and prevent pain after biking.

4.     Minimize Inflammation

The necessary avoidance of inflammation was mentioned in the essential oils section above. While the concentrated oils can help with inflammation, there are a couple other things you can do to also aid in this department. Making sure you have plenty of water to flush out any swelling or other. Also eating foods high in Fatty Omega 3s such as salmon, flax and flax seed, and hemp seed oil on a daily basis has shown a decrease in sport related inflammation according to a study conducting at Ohio State University. (Source: Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity.) Lastly, the micro nutrient curcumin, found in its highest concentration in organic Turmeric, has been shown to reduce the risk of inflammation. Any and all of these suggestions can be easily done, and will shield your joints from future problems. If inflammation does occur, take immediate action and give your joints a good, old fashion ice down.

5.     Brace and Gear Up Off the Course

This last suggestion may seem pretty obvious with so many helmet laws in place, but it goes beyond actual bicycling. Use wrist or knee braces or pads in other physical activities such as skating, tennis, or even regular running. The more you protect your joints outside of cycling, the better equipped they’ll be for your next ride.

Cycling professional race

It may not seem like it right now, but your joints are necessary to not only your future cycling endeavors, but your health as a whole. By following the five points we’ve made above, you can be sure that your joints will be ready for anything you can put them through. What do you do to keep your joints in prime condition? Please tell us in the comments below!

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2014 Year in Review

What an amazing year it’s been! Thank you to everyone – thank you for sharing your memories with us… Happy New Year!!

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Merry Christmas


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