Ride Interview – Miles 4 Marce – College Station, Texas

A ride at the Texas World Speedway?! Yes, you read right! Our interview with Tim Brandon and his daughter, Kara, gives us an exciting preview of what you can expect at this special and truly memorable ride.


Why join your ride?

Have you ever cycled a course raced by Cale Yarborough and A.J Foyt? Miles 4 Marce is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Held at the Texas World Speedway, it is the best Texas cycling venue for 2014! Perfect for first timers, experienced riders, and those training for longer rides like the Hotter N Hell. No cars, traffic, construction, or stop signs on the three mile loop keeps you rolling at top speeds, but always close to restrooms, food, and great bike support.


How long has your ride been around?

This is the inaugural year for Miles 4 Marce, and likely the last time this venue will be available.


What was the motivation behind starting the ride and who benefits from it?

There are several AMCC Cycling team members who annually visit Ciudad De Angeles, an Orphanage in Cozumel, Mexico, and have a personal relationship with Marce. When she became eligible for Cochlear implant surgery, we jumped at the opportunity to help hearing become a reality for Marce. All donations go directly to Ciudad, and are 100% tax deductible.


How have they been able to utilize funds in the past?

The money raised from Miles 4 Marce will be used to fund Marce’s Cochlear implant Surgery as well as the 1 year rehabilitation process.


Logistically can you give us an idea of how many volunteers, finances and planning it takes to put on this event?

AMCC Cycling had planned to ride 2500 miles as a private road riding fundraiser, but after securing this incredible venue a little over a month ago, we decided to open it up, so everyone could have a chance to experience a Nascar Speedway track. We’ve been blessed by numerous sponsors and volunteers, allowing 100% of the entry donations to go directly to Marce’s medical and rehab expenses.


Do you have a map of the start facility showing registration, parking, all toilets, water/snacks, start line?

Texas World Speedway was once one of the premiere Nascar tracks in the country and still one of only 7 Super Speedways in the country. A map of the course and directions are on our website. We’ve chosen a combination of the TWS oval and road courses creating a 3 mile loop. Because this event takes place on a raceway, you are never more than 1.5 miles from food, drinks and even bike support; which are all naturally located in the pit section of the course paddock area. Though the Speedway is an enormous property, it was built with ample parking, bathrooms, and even showers within a stone’s throw of the start line. We’re serious, you won’t find a better venue in the state.


What is the most rewarding experience of hosting this event?

It’s been extremely encouraging to see the network of supporters and volunteers stepping up to help. As a freshman in college, it is also exciting to be a part of something locally that has such a huge impact on Marce and the Ciudad orphanage in Mexico. But maybe the most rewarding part of hosting Miles 4 Marce is knowing that you don’t have to be very old to do something that makes a big difference.


What can folks do to support you and your mission?

Come out & bring family and friends, even if they aren’t cycling enthusiasts! While we want to see as many people out on their bikes as possible, we have plenty of space for spectators, kiddos, and cheering squads! Bring a lawn chair, a loud cowbell, enjoy the covered spectator area, and spend the day. If you can’t make it to the actual event, we would love for you to show your support by making a donation to Miles 4 Marce via our Gofundme site.


Do you ride, and if so, what kind of bicycle do you have?

Yes! I’ve been riding since I can remember and even before that when my dad would pull me around in a bike trailer. I have a mountain bike and a road bike; both are Giants. I am, however, a firm believer that it is the rider, not his ride, which makes him great.


Anything else you’d like to tell folks about this ride?

This is an open ride, starting at 7:30 am. Course closes at 5 pm. You’re welcome to come ride a couple laps, just to say you did, or go at it all day to answer the question: How far can I ride in 9.5 hrs?? We think this will be a great riding experience for seasoned riders, newbies, and especially families. There is also KIDS RIDE, August 14th from 9-11, around a 1.5 mile loop. So come out and join us for a great time and be ready to “ride it like you stole it!”

Thank you for sharing your ride with us, Tim and Kara. For more information or to register, please visit the Miles 4 Marce page.

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Weekend Ride Round Up 7/18 – 7/20

Howdy Wheelbrothers! It’s the middle of July, and I have to say, we have had some great rides this year! And to think, we still have so many left to do! The hard part is deciding which races to pick! If you are not busy this weekend, here are some rides you can do!

weekwnd ride 7-18 7-20


Friday, July 18th:

No races today…. (that we know of)

Saturday, July 19th:

Tour de Paris - Paris

Tour the Peanut Country - Gorman

25th Annual Cactus n’ Crude MS150 Bike Ride  – Midland

Sunday, July 20th:

Katy Flatland Century 2014 Katy


Finally! We have a Sunday race again! Who is excited for these? If you attend any of these events, and want to share your experience, we would LOVE to hear about it and share it with the rest of the WheelBrothers community.

Good luck, and never give up!

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Weekend Ride Round Up 7/11-7/13



Hey there WheelBrothers! We hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekened! Let’s see what races are happening around Texas this weekend!

weekwnd ride 7-11 7-13Friday, July 11th: no rides that we know of….

Saturday, July 12th: 

David’s Ride -  McQueeney

Peach Pedal Bike Ride 2014 -  Weatherford

Sunday, July 13th:  no rides that we know of….


Where are all these Friday and Sunday rides!? Send em our way of you know of any!

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Weekend Ride Round Up – 7/4 – 7/6

Happy Wednesday everyone! Is everyone ready for an awesome Fourth of July weekend? Do your plans include any weekend rides? Although there are not many rides this weekend, the one there is will be tons of fun!  Take a look!

weekend ride 7-4 7-6

Friday, July 4th:

Bridgewood Farms Charity Bike Ride - Concroe, Tx

Saturday, July 5th:

No rides (that we know of)…

Sunday, July 6th:

No rides (that we know of)…

Are we missing any rides? Tell us so we can add them! Remember, have fun, and stay safe this Friday and weekend!

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