1400 Miles

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1400 Miles

Date: September 18 – October 3, 2016

Event: 1400 Miles

About the ride:

You can ride 1 stage (3 days) or all 5 stages! Dates and breakdown are below!

The 1400 Miles ‘Big Ride’ is a fully supported journey of a lifetime on a road bike spanning 1,400 miles from Austin, Texas to Denver, Colorado. Starting on Sunday, September 18th 2016 – Ending on Sunday, October 2nd 2016

Regular Registraion is now open! Last day to register is July 31st, 2016.

Regular registration Deposit Fee: 1 Stage = $150, Entire Ride = $250 (THIS FEE WILL BE APPLIED TO YOUR DONATION GOAL)

The Big Ride Perks!

  • Hand up support of food and hydration from the SAG van
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner prepared by a chef! Snacks and of course Craft Beer are also included!
  • Double Occupancy motel/hotel accommodations provided starting Sunday, September 6th ending Saturday the 19th
  • Fully supported SAG vehicles, Mechanical and First Aid Support
  • Daily Stretch and Massage
  • You are welcome to hop in the van at any time to rest/break

Want to ride? Here is how:

  1.  Commit to a stage or the entire ride! Remember! You can start by registering for a stage, but if you raise enough money for the entire ride, you can commit to the entire ride.
  2. Register by clicking the bright oragne “register here” button on the right hand side.
  3. After you register, you MUST sign up for your FREE Fundraising Page.
    • This is the page that you will send out to your family, friends, co-workers and strangers to raise money and reach your goal! This is where you will personalize your page!
    • Set your fundraising goals!
      • 1 Stage: $2,800
      • Entire Rige: $8,500
  4. Start fundraising! Need tips? Here are some ideas to help kickstart your fundraising innitiative. 

Create or Join a Team!

Once you have registered for your ride, you have the optiont to join or create a team! Each team has their own fundraising goal. By joining or creating a team, your personal fundriasing efforts will also be reflected in the teams efforts!

The Dates and Locations!

Stage 1

Prolouge | Saturday, September 17 | View Map 
Round Trip from North By Northwest Stonelake to Redhorn Coffee House & Brewing Company
51 Miles
Elevation Gain 2118 ft.

Day 1 | Sunday, September 18 | View Map 
Redhorn Coffee House & Brewing Company to Brownwood, TX
125 Miles
Elevation Gain 4878 ft.

Day 2 | Monday, September 19 | View Map
Brownwood, TX to Sweetwater, TX
112 Miles
Elevation Gain 3342 ft.

Day 3 | Tuesday, September 20 | View Map
Sweetwater, TX to Lubbock, TX
122 Miles
Elevation Gain 2474 ft.

Stage 2
Day 4 | Wednesday, September 21 | View Map
Lubbock, TX to Clovis, NM
103 Miles
Elevation Gain 1383 ft.

Day 5 | Thursday, September 22 | View Map
Clovis, NM to Santa Rosa, NM
105 Miles
Elevation Gain 2518 ft.

Day 6 | Friday, September 23 | View Map
Santa Rosa, NM to Santa Fe, NM
119 Miles
Elevation Gain 7306 ft.

Stage 3
Day 7 | Saturday, September 24 | View Map
Santa Fe, NM – Local City Ride
41 Miles
Elevation Gain 1688 ft.

Day 8 | Sunday, September 25 | View Map
Santa Fe, NM to Abiquiu, NM
50 Miles
Elevation Gain 1422 ft.

Day 9 | Monday, September 26 | View Map
Abiquiu, NM to Pagosa Springs, CO
108 Miles
Elevation Gain 7200 ft.

Stage 4
Day 10 | Tuesday, September 27 | View Map
Pagosa Springs, CO to Del Norte, CO
64 Miles
Elevation Gain 4422 ft.

Day 11 | Wednesday, September 28 | View Map
Del Norte, CO to Salida, CO
81 Miles
Elevation Gain 1960 ft.

Day 12 | Thursday, September 29 | View Map
Salida, CO to Leadville, CO
82 Miles
Elevation Gain 5478 ft.

Stage 5
Day 13 | Friday, September 30 | View Map
Leadville, CO to Grand Lake, CO
113 Miles
Elevation Gain 4759 ft.

Day 14 | Saturday, October 1 | View Map
Grand Lake, CO to Lyons, CO
67 Miles
Elevation Gain 5231 ft.

Day 15 | Sunday, October 2 | View Map
Lyons, CO to Denver, CO
50 Miles
Elevation Gain 2526 ft.

The Big Ride Rider Requirements
Booking Your Journey
You must be at the starting location by 6 AM for your first day of your ride. (This date will vary based on which Leg/Legs you are participating in.)

Transportation to and From: 

  • 1400 Miles will provide transportation to and from airport in the city of the start/end location based on legs.
  • 1400 Miles will not provide airline tickets.

Starting a Team

  • Minimum Fundraising requirement: $2,800/leg/person
  • Number of people per team: You can have up to 5 people/team. $2,800/person/leg. This allows teams to send a different person to complete each leg. If you want to have all 5 of your teammates participate in the same legs, you can, but you must raise $2,800/person/leg.
  • Once you register your team, you will get a team fundraising page. You can make it as personal as you wish.
  • Fundraising Support and Guidance will be provided.


*** Details, routes and stopping cities are subject to change

Event Website: www.1400miles.com

Registration: Online registration

Contact: courtney.a.cobb@gmail.com


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