El Diablo Poker Dash & Bash

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Date: Saturday, July 30, 2016

Event: 2016 El Diablo Poker Dash & Bash

Route Distances: 62 mile loop


About the Ride: 

Ride to build a helluva hand.

Our summer ride, El Diablo Poker Dash & Bash, is back and hotter than ever. On Saturday, July 30, we’ll head out on a poker ride from our Lamar store to three of our other locations for a roughly 62 mile loop around Austin. This is a FREE, unsupported, unmarked ride. We’ve provided a route option, but you can take any route you want as long as you collect a card from each shop. We’ll have free Real Ale beer and other beverages and lunch available for purchase post-ride.

The game is 5-card stud. You’ll collect cards by riding to the other stores to build a 5 card poker hand, starting with the first card from our Lamar store. You’ll pick-up the second, third and fourth cards from our Bee Cave, Parmer, and Research stores during the ride. The ride will end back at Lamar where you’ll pick-up the fifth card. The winning hand will recieve a $250 gift card to Bicycle Sport Shop. Any tie breakers will be decided by pulling names from a hat.

Not interested in riding 60+ miles? No problem. You can still ride with us and participate in the post-ride party. Simply ride out and back to our newest store on Bee Cave.

The Details

This is a self-supported ride. There will be no route signage or SAG. The stores–Bee Cave, Parmer, and Research–will serve as rest stops. There will be ride leaders for various paces—advanced, intermediate and beginner—on the official route but no ride sweep. Bring your own flat repair gear, GPS map, hydration, and whatever else you need to fortify yourself. Bring your phone to call for back-up. Of course there will be supplies available for purchase at all Bicycle Sport Shop locations.

Schedule of Events

7:30 AM: Arrive at Bicycle Sport Shop Lamar to sign a waiver, get a wristband, and have a cup of joe. There is no packet pickup.

7:45 AM: Staging by average pace.

8 AM: Wheels down. Collect playing cards from each Bicycle Sport Shop location along the way.

11 AM – 3 PM: Post-ride beers and lunch at Bicycle Sport Shop Lamar.

Ride Route

Although you can take whatever route you’d like, we’ve created an unofficial suggested route. This route is roughly 62 miles.

We have it as a Garmin Map for those that use Garmin devices and as a MapMyRide Map for those who use a smartphone.

See below for a high-level description of the suggested route.

Starting at Lamar, ride through Rollingwood to connect to 360, and then continue west on 2244 toward the first stop, our new Bee Cave store, located at 12005 Bee Cave Road. Pay close attention so that you don’t pass the store. The store is located on the southside of 2244, which requires you to cross 2244. You will most likely need to stop in the shoulder/bike lane before crossing. Signal and call-out as you are slowing so that the cyclists behind you aware that you are stopping. Proceed with caution as vehicles travel at high speeds on this road.

After the first stop, which is about 15 miles in, the route heads back out on 2244 for a moment before cutting behind the Hill Country Galleria on Bee Cave Pkwy to connect to 620. From 620 to Anderson Mill, we make our way to our Parmer store located at 9900 W Parmer Lane for our second stop. There is a difficult left turn off of Anderson Mill onto Pecan Creek Pkwy. Since Anderson Mill is a busy street, you will most likely need to stop in the bike lane and wait for traffic to clear before turning left. Signal and call-out as you are slowing to so that the cyclists behind you aware that you are stopping. Also, there is sand/gravel in portions of the bike lane on Pecan Creek Pkwy. Pay close attention. Do not ride through it. Check for vehicles before puling out of the bike lane. Point/call out the gravel/sand to the other cyclists.

The second stop is about 37 miles in. This is a long section with climbing and cross-wind. We recommend stopping in Lakeway or just south of the dam for a water refill before arriving to Parmer.

Next up, the Research store. Take Parmer south to Amherst, which dead-ends into Duval, and then Duval until it dead-ends into Jollyville. From Jollyville, turn left at Braker. Jollyville is a busy road and hard to cut across, so we recommend turning right, moving into the left lane, and then making a u-turn. After the u-turn, stay in the far left lane on Braker. Ride down Braker in the left lane, underneath 183, and then turn left onto the service road. Stay in the far right lane after turning left. You’ll pass a Chick-fil-A and the store’s parking lot is immediately after the Public Storage turn-in. The Research store is located at 10947 Research Blvd.

At this point, the ride is just over 47 miles in and most of the climbing is behind you. Only about 15 more miles to go before returning to the Lamar store. The route takes you south on Mesa and Shoal Creek. You’ll take Westover to Exposition for a few more rollers before heading back into town on the Lance Armstrong Bikeway. Be careful and watch for pedestrians, strollers, and pups when crossing the Pfluger Bridge. Take Lee Barton to Barton Springs. Use the sidewalk and cross-walk when returning to the store.

Remember, this is a self-supported ride. There will be no signs. The roads will not be marked. There is no SAG support. You will need to be self-sufficient and know safe routes to get from store-to-store.

Location: 517 South Lamar Blvd. Austin, Texas 78704

Event Website: https://www.bicyclesportshop.com/diablo


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