Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo

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Date: September 30, 2017

Event: Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo

Route Distances: 22, 45, 100 miles, and 100K course

About the Ride:

The Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo is a premier multi course cycling event designed for the professional to the weekend rider. It includes a timed race for the 100 mile course with a cash purse. Expected participation in year one is 2,500 riders with a goal of 10,000 by year three.

Event details and schedule

All Routes (100-mile, 100K, 45-mile and 22-mile)

  • Rules of the road apply
  • Road and hybrid bikes are recommended
  • All riders are subject to pre-determined cutoffs for the safety of all riders. Please consult the timing table for guidance
  • All Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo (ESGF) courses close at 1:30 PM, after that time no official support will be provided
  • 100-mile and 100K routes are capped at 600 participants each
  • There will be multiple ESGF run rest stops along every route. Once finalized the rest stops will be listed on the ESGF website and communicated to participant
  • Riders that disobey the rules of the road are subject to be removed from the event at the discretion of the police officers present


100-mile Gran Fondo cash $10,000 award:

  • Winner Take All prize.  1st Rider to cross the finish line will receive the $10K cash award.
  • All eligible riders must have an ESGF issued timing tag by Racing Systems, be registeredfor the Gran Fondo 100-mile route and have an ESGF issued bib number.
  • To be eligible the winner must cross all timing checkpoints.
  • To be eligible the winner must match registered participant and present Government issued ID to confirm identity.
  • UCI Road competition that apply will be enforced.  To review UCI Road competition guidelines visit – http://uec.ch/documents/uci/rules/road_rules.pdf
  • All riders are subject to random anti-doping testing by a contracted 3rd agency.
  • No motorized, electric, or assisted bicycles will be permitted on the 100-mile route.
  • Neutral water and wheel support will be provided to the lead group.  No team support or follow cars are permitted.  Riders aided by Non-ESGF support will disqualify a rider from being eligible to win the cash prize.
  • Only the lead group be secured by a rolling enclosure. ESGF officials designated to govern the ride will determine what is considered the “lead group”.  A rider falling outside the rolling enclosure MUST obey rules of the road.
  • The Yellow Line rule can and will be enforced at the officials’ discretion at any time where it is determined necessary for rider safety.  An official can and will remove riders from the lead group if they feel like a rider is compromising the safety of the group.  At that point the rider will be subject to the rules of the road and no longer eligible for the cash prize.


Family Ride Registration

  • Family Ride will be capped at 100 participants
  • Children must be at least four years old to participate
  • Children’s bikes, rear axle mounted or rear seat/stay (tag along) bikes will be allowed on the Family and 22-mile routes only

Location: Rough Riders Stadium, 7300 Roughriders Trail Frisco, TX  75034

Event Website: http://www.emmittsmithgranfondo.com/

Registration Info: Online registration via Active.com

Contact info: RaceDirector@ejsmithenterprises.com


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