Pedal Against PTSD

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Event: Pedal Against PTSD
Date:  Saturday, June 10, 2017
Route distances: 25, 50 and 100 km
About the Ride: It’s the 2nd annual PAPTSD Grind! We will, again, be in the beautiful John Porter Sports Complex in Sanger, TX for the second year in a row! This year, we’re offering on site registration, swag bags, 4 different routes (one which is mostly road) and, for when you’ve finished the race…..YOGA! We’ll have food, booths and plenty to do and see, so spectators and families are welcome! Come out and support your favorite veteran based nonprofit…..Pedal Against PTSD!

Our Story

It was during the grueling 2013 Tour Divide race that Kevin Campagna, a USMC combat veteran, felt the inspiration to share his passion of cycling as a source of relief for his affliction with PTSD. Kevin likens his cycling expeditions to his service in the Marine Corps. The training, the sacrifice, and the mental toughness are all similar to what he went through in the military and what he must go through every day in order to combat PTSD. Kevin believes that there’s healing through cycling and has made it his mission to help his fellow veterans who are suffering gain relief through the sport of cycling and to promote awareness in hopes of breaking the stigma that PTSD carries.

Our mission at Pedal Against PTSD is to empower military and veterans to overcome PTSD through the sport of cycling.

Our vision is to continue to raise awareness regarding the severity of PTSD and to share the benefits that the sport of cycling brings with all military and veterans that struggle with PTSD.

Our goal at Pedal Against PTSD is to provide vets with quality bicycles, create an strong community outreach program and contribute funds back to research and development to help combat the affliction that is PTSD.


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