RGV Randos Edinburg

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Date: January 28, 2017

Event: RGV Randos Edinburg


About the Ride:

Hello everyone,

Start and end in Edinburg, TX. Registration is free with a minimum $5 donation requested for non RUSA members at the ride, you only pay if you ride.

The 200K and 300K routes are ACP for the first time so finishers can order ACP medals from RUSA. They are nice.

Remember if you want to be a RUSA member you can sign up at www.rusa.org

I often get questions related to rules about this sport. Please take a few minutes to review this link:


Pay SPECIAL attention to article 6 in relation to personal support or SAG. In the spirit of Randonneuring riders who do not follow the rules will be disqualified.

All routes are now online, click link below, once you register you will be taken to the routes page or click the link below.


Don’t forget lights and reflective gear, they are REQUIRED for night riding and highly suggested for days. Please don’t forget and assume you will be finished before dark, even on the 200K!

Location: Lowe’s Starbucks, 2720 W University Dr A, Edinburg, TX

Event Website: http://www.rgvrandos.org/

Registration: Online registration

Contact info: rgvrandos@gmail.com


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