Tour Das Hugel

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Date: November 11, 2017

Event: Tour Das Hugel

Route Distances: 113 miles


About the Ride:

What is Tour Das Hugel?
A ride to Hell and back.  Does anyone have a roadmap to hell or a Garmin file? Das Hugel is at least 110 miles of Austin’s most brutal hills. (Some swear it’s up to 113 miles and climbing varies from 10k-13k, but who is counting?)
While the ride features some notable (and memorable) individual hills with steep gradients, there are also hills and more hills leading to those hills.
Take solace, however, in that most of the hills are very short in length, so this isn’t like many mountain rides with long ascents. The “course” is made up of two loops, one just short of 40 miles that returns to the starting point, before taking off again into the hills to the Mansfield dam and back.
Now in its 17th year (we think), the tour often draws hundreds of riders.

Location: MoPac Pedestrian Bridge (Stratford Lane), Austin, TX

Event Website:


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