Tour of The Wichitas

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Date: Saturday, June 23, 2018

Event: Tour of The Wichitas

Route Distances: 15, 30, 52 and 65 miles


About the Ride:

Once again the Friends of the Trail are excited to announce that the 2018 Tour of the Wichita’s will pass through the Fort Sill Army Post as a part of its route.

All routes will begin in the parking lot of the Regency Square Shopping Center (Atwood’s) located at 1820 NW 52nd Street, and then head north on NW 52nd Street and through the 52nd Street gate and onto Fort Sill.

You will not need to stop at the gate or get a visitor pass to access the facility, but you will need to wear the wrist band that matches your route color and follow the route.

Once on post, you will immediately see why we love riding these routes; within a mile or so of the start you will be enjoying the beauty and terrain of the Wichita Mountains. The 15 and 30 mile routes will remain on post until they head back out the 52nd Street gate; while the 52 and 65 mile routes will leave post thru the twin gates to Hwy 115 and head north into the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge; re-entering Fort Sill at the LETRA gate. Once again, your wrist band is all that is need to pass through that gate.

The Friends of the Trail are very appreciative of Fort Sill leadership providing the necessary security to provide special event access to our riders for these routes. Within the Lawton Fort Sill community, cooperation is an action word!!


Location: Atwoods Parking lot, 1820 NW 52nd St, Lawton, OK

Event Website:   |   Facebook page   |

Registration info: Online registration via

Contact Info: (580) 351-7182


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