Hill Country Cycling Adventure

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Date: May 16-19, 2019

Event: Hill Country Cycling Adventure

Route Distances: 60 and 30 mile options


About the Ride:

Fredericksburg is the perfect spot for a 3 day weekend. Great places to stay and eat. Great low traffic roads with good pavement, scenic vistas and plenty of hills. This 3 day weekend offers a 30 mile out-and-back option and a 60 mile loop on Friday and Saturday. Sunday morning we’ll offer a 30 mile route. We offer an inclusive package with 3 nights lodging, 3 rides and 6 meals. We also offer a package that bundles 3 rides and lunch each day so that you can select the lodging option you prefer. Visit our website for all the details and prices.


Location:  Fredericksburg, TX

Event Website: funbikin.com

Registration details: Registration form

Contact info: 9725678365


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