Who are the WheelBrothers?

It all started in the summer of 2004 when a soccer player with the name of Rainer convinced several of his teammates that the idea of riding in a 100 mile bicycle race called ‘Hotter n Hell 100′, three weeks later sounded like a great idea. Not knowing what they were in for, 3 of his friends signed up. The rest, as they say, is history…

Over the years, they learned a lot about the sport ‘cycling’ and made a bunch of new friends. The term ‘wheelbrothers’ was coined by Jed, one of the original 4 riders and it stuck with the group. Shortly thereafter a website was born, which the group used to communicate about upcoming rides, ride reports etc..

As the number of ‘Wheelbrothers’ grew, so did the website. Eventually, team uniforms were designed/ordered and Hotter n Hell 2010 saw over 20 riders wear the ‘Wheelbrothers’ logo.

We love the sport for the exercise and challenges, it provides but most of all, the camaraderie that comes along with it. Who knew cycling could be so technical, demanding and fun?

We searched on the web for the latest bicycle ride information and had a hard time finding up to date, correct information.  So, we took matters in our own hands and decided to serve the cycling community, that has given us so much, by collecting and publishing all of this information here on the Wheelbrother website.

A group of us rides mostly Saturday and or Sunday mornings, leaving in North Arlington close to River Legacy Park for a trip through/around DFW Airport. If you feel like coming along, ping us through the contact us form which goes straight into Dieter’s email.

We don’t take ourselves to serious, so feel free to come ride with us anytime or simply stop by to say ‘Hello’!

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